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Tips to Finding Your League

We are constantly working to optimize our database to provide the best possible results and we give organizations the ability to edit their pages to include alternate names, but you still may have trouble finding your local league. Below are some tips that may help, but if you can’t find your league, email us and we’ll help!

Use the legal name of the organization.

Many leagues are commonly known by names that are different from the legal name of the non-profit. “Anytown USA Little League” for example, may have been originally incorporated under the name “Anytown USA Athletic Association” or “Anytown Youth Baseball”.

Use the tax ID number of the organization.

Every non-profit organization is issued an Employer Identification Number (EIN) by the IRS, which acts as a unique identifier. You can search the IRS database itself, or any of a number of online resources such as Guidestar, CharityCheck101, and the Foundation Center.

Use less specific terms.

This may seem counterproductive, but searching on less terms can return more results and may allow you to find your organization when you don’t know the EIN or legal name. Searching for “Anytown USA” will find “Anytown USA Baseball”, while searching “Anytown USA Little League” might not.

Contact your league.

Every organization can claim their profile page at no cost and update their information. Let your league know you’re searching for them and send them to to update their info.

Again, if you’re still stuck, please send us an email and we’ll research it for you!

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