Sports Organized

What Every Parent Volunteer Needs to Know

By: Sean Fitzgerald Published: Nov 27, 2018

Youth sports has exploded in recent years. This "industry" now rakes in billions a year, with traveling teams and personal coaches fueling the pursuit of college scholarships and, perhaps, professional careers. Still, the majority of leagues in which our kids play are run by local nonprofits relying on good-hearted, but often over-burdened, parent volunteers. The results are often devastating, from embezzlement to loss of nonprofit status to fights on the sidelines.

SportsOrganized is the first comprehensive guide to the organizational and financial challenges of running a youth sports league. This book provides critical resources in the areas of financial controls, codes of conduct, data security, and many other essential aspects of running a successful sports nonprofit. These "off the field" issues not only threaten a league's sustainability, but also directly impact the safety and enjoyment of players and parents.