About Us

SportsOrganized.com was started by three parents, all of whom were involved with their children’s sporting pursuits in a variety of ways. From coaching and serving on committees and boards to simply cheering on the sidelines, each of us was exposed to various aspects of how our local sports leagues operated. While our kids largely had wonderful experiences (and thankfully never experienced anything like the horror stories we’ve all read about), we still saw how vulnerable these organizations were. In fact, in our very own hometown, the two largest and most successful youth sports non-profits were embezzled for nearly half a million dollars in just a two-year period.

With a wide array of experiences in business, from start-ups to established firms and from non-profit to for-profit, we decided to put their focus to improving these organizations. Ironically, there was little in the way of resources for youth sports leadership. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of resources out there. Youth sports has blossomed into a $15 billion a year industry and many are rushing to capitalize: sponsors, trainers, speed and agility coaches, tournament managers, and land developers all see the potential. And the sanctioning bodies offer clarity and guidance on competitive balance and some aspects of player safety.

Unfortunately, there is precious little guidance for those who LEAD these organizations, and that is alarming. Board members of youth sports non-profits are, after all, stewards of our money, our local sports fields, and (oh yes!) the safety of our children. These folks are fiduciaries of the organizations they serve, which is the same relationship that exists between an attorney and a client or a doctor and a patient. In short, this is a significant responsibility and we feel there really should be more resources available to those serving our kids.

And so welcome to SportsOrganized.com! Whether you are a parent, a board member, a city official, or just a fan of resources for organizational management, we hope you enjoy the content offered here. Got a suggestion for a topic we should cover or a great youth sports story we should know about? Let us know…we’d love to hear from you!